• Invited Speakers_ICIET 2020
  • Asst. Prof. Maria Rona Perez, FEU Institute of Technology, Philippines


    Biography:She is a candidate for Doctor in Information Technology at Technological Institute of the Philippines.  Currently, she is the Academic Program Coordinator for Animation and Game Design at FEU Institute of Technology, Philippines. She is also involved in different project-based design and development as a Business Analyst. Her research interests are Blockchain technology, cryptography, security and consensus protocol, innovative technology for software design and development.


  • Speech Title: Blockchain and its Disruptive Technology

  • Abstract: Blockchain technology is known to provide a layer of trust over the internet. This layer of trust enables the possibilities for different industries while also enhancing their performance by adding fundamentally new capabilities. It is designed to be extremely flexible, scalable and feasible than any other technologies that exist today. In my speech, I will discuss what makes Blockchain highly secured and what are the factors that makes it immutable. I will also present how does Blockchain runs in decentralized network but still operates with trust and privacy. This presentation will lead to different applications that can be integrated with Blockchain hoping that we can create something that will change the world with this disruptive technology.