• Workshop Introduction

Date: March 29 (14:00pm-16:30pm)

Venue: iLab 1 and 2 (THE UNIVERSITY OF AIZU)


  • Prof. Gordon Bateson, Kochi University of Technology Japan, Japan

Biography: Gordon Bateson is Professor at the Kochi University of Technology Japan. His research interests include using digital badges and gamification to promote motivation among learners; incorporating extensive reading and writing into foreign language classes; developing Moodle plugins that support gamification and active learning. He has a B.Sc. degree in Software Engineering from Imperial College, London and a M.Sc. in Teaching English for Specific Purposes (TESP) from Aston University, Birmingham, U.K. He has lived and worked in Japan for the last 28 years.


Workshop Title: How to Build a Gamified Course in Moodle

Workshop Abstract: This workshop will highlight functionality that exists in standard Moodle 3.x to gamify online courses. This functionality can be used to emphasize to students the goals and structure of the course, and to help them to decide what to do next. This clear understanding reduces anxiety among students and leads to increased motivation to engage with the course materials and their classmates.

The workshop will examine, in turn, (1) setting up passing grades in the grade book, (2) setting up completion conditions on labels, resources and activities, (3) restricting access to resources and activities until certain conditions have been met, and (4) setting and awarding digital badges to students to recognize their learning achievements.

The presenter will demonstrate how to create a Moodle course that contains resources and activities linked together in such a way as to form a flexible and adaptive set of online learning materials that students find easy, enjoyable and educational to interact with.