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  • Prof. Hayo Reinders, Unitec, New Zealand


    Biography: Hayo Reinders is Professor of Education at Unitec in New Zealand and Director of the doctoral programme at Anaheim University in the US, and a passionate believer in the power of out-of-class learning. If you have an interest in innovation in education, in the role of technology, in Learner Autonomy and Self-Access, or in Teacher Education and Second Language Acquisition, you have come to the right place. On this site you will find articles, research reports, bibliographies, a blog, and many other resources. You can also find information about engaging me as a speaker at your conference, or for (staff) development projects.


  • Speech Title: The Educational Affordances of the Internet of Things: Lessons for Designers, Developers and Engineers

  • Abstract: It is estimated that by 2020 there will be over 50 billion connected devices. This will go beyond cellphones and computers, to include objects such as cars, household appliances, and – as the technology improves – clothes, utensils and all manner of everyday items. The possible uses of these devices and the enormous amount of data they will generate, are as of yet unclear. In this presentation I will show their possible impact on the field of education and in particular I will consider how we can make connections between the features of such new technologies, and their pedagogical affordances, or potential benefits for learning and teaching. In this talk I will therefore describe the Internet of Things from a pedagogical point of view, give some examples of emerging implementations and research, and propose three areas of potential impact on education, clustered around affordances relating to mobility, augmentation and ubiquity. I will conclude by identifying possible benefits and drawbacks for education professionals and show how the process of identifying affordances of technological developments is a prerequisite for successful design, development and engineering innovation.